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Katy Beer Garden opening February 2024

Rice Dryer History


First Concrete Rice Dryer in Texas

In 1943 J.V. Cardiff & Sons started building the 1st concrete rice dryer in Texas. This was the 1st rice dryer in Texas which still stands facing US Hwy-90. There is an underground tunnel under this building spanning the entire length of the silo!


Built Second Rice Dryer in 1945

Business was doing well, the Cardiffs decided to expand and build their second concrete rice dryer with twice the capacity.


Tallest Rice Dryer in the Country

In 1966, the Cardiffs hired Borton Company from Hutchinson, KS to build their largest and tallest rice dryer. When it was completed, it stood tall at 177 feet and was the tallest rice dryer in the Country. It is still the tallest structure in Katy, Richmond and Rosenberg.

1986 - 1993

Last Rice Production

According to one of the Cardiff descendants, the last rice production was in 1987.  Since then, the entire property has sat neglected and without a purpose.


Local Developer + Katy Heritage Society

The property has transferred ownership a few times since 1986.  But, it was never again used to dry rice and there was never any significant development.

In 2021, a local developer in Katy bought the property and began working with Katy Heritage Society (the oldest non-profit in Katy) to restore and bring life back to The Dryer.


The Dryer Logo

Re-imagining a History Landmark

While on-going preservation of the buildings, we have been busy with planning, architectural work and engineering.

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With Support and Collaboration from:

Katy Heritage Society Logo
Katy Heritage Society

City of Katy


Katy Area Chamber
Local Chamber of Commerce

Cardiff Rice Dryer Museum

Amongst the base of the tallest of the three J.V. Cardiff and Sons Rice Dryers, vintage artifacts from Katy’s agricultural and pioneering history will be on display, along with photographs and tributes to local families.

From the date of purchase, local history and preservation has been at the forefront of our vision and plan. As a cooperative project between The Dryer and the Katy Heritage Society, The Dryer Museum will have heritage rich displays and exhibits year-round.

Schools, clubs, and groups will be able to make arrangements for special tours. For more information, contact the Katy Heritage Society.

Katy Beer Garden

KBG will be open soon (February 2024).

We look forward to welcoming you to our 25,000 square foot indoor/outdoor beer garden, a vibrant haven shaded by majestic 45' oak trees. Offering a diverse selection of beer, wine, cider, and a full cocktail program, we're eager to serve our new community and become an essential part of your routine. Unwind, socialize, and indulge in this picturesque sanctuary where nature meets leisure.

KBG is hiring for SERVERS and BARTENDERS!
Send your resume to

Food and Drinks

Coffee Shop

We are working with a local business to bring a great coffee shop with a few baked goods and savory sandwiches.

Coffee Shop / Baked Goods
Fusion Grill

Known for their decadent burgers and gourmet fries. This popular burger joint will serve American grub at The Dryer.

Taqueria Tex-Taco

The most popular and established Taco stand in Katy. For more than 18 years Tex-Taco has serve the most delicious tacos, burritos, and more.

El Canton Pizzeria

True brick oven Mexican firewood pizzeria. Taste the difference.


Jos'Brisket has been perfecting and serving the Katy area for a few years. Started from home and ready for The Dryer.

Noodle & Satay

Fast casual Asian cuisine. Serving varieties of Asian noodles and marinated meats on skewers.

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We plan to develop The Dryer into a venue with a Museum, community play area (green space), children's playground, and Katy Beer Garden with food and drinks. Please follow our journey with exciting project on our facebook page.


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